Lazy Sunday

It's 9:30 on a Sunday morning and Tim is still sleeping. God only knows why I'm not in bed as well. I've been up since 8:30 when I was summoned by the cats to feed them. We didn't go to bed till around 2am. We were sucked into watching Next on MTV. I swear, it's hard to turn that show off! I was home sick on Friday recovering from the flu and got sucked into a new MTV show "Made". I have not watched this much MTV since high school! I was just reading everyone else's blogs and thought that I better post something as well. Last night we played Cranium and Outburst with my sister, Tim, Jen (a coworker) and her twin sister Jacqueline. I have no idea what we'll do today. I know I need to finish the laundry, clean up my desk area and go to Costco, Target and Borders. But, we'll see if we even make it out of the house :)

In work related news, I've received somewhat of a promotion. I am now a preschool teacher. I no longer work in the baby room (unless they really need me to). I got a raise and I only work 7-1:30 for now. I will change my schedule if that is not enough hours. I told Jen last night that I would maybe work one afternoon a week for her on the baby side so that she could leave at 1:30 and that would help bring up my hours. I swear, I go from one extreme to another at this place. Having hours 40+hrs a week to only 32.5hrs a week. Oh well. It's a job for now. This schedule should afford me the the time to finally work on my paper! yay!

So, Tim is up now and we are going to start planning our day. I kind of want to see a movie now...I wonder what's playing. I hope you all have a great week!


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