Time for another vacation

Ok, so this one is just a mini-vacation, but it gets us out of Syracuse for a weekend! Tim and I leave tomorrow to visit our friends Laura and Keith in the great city of Boston. We are seeing Sarah McLachlan on Saturday and then we'll head home on Sunday. We can't wait to hear all about Keith's proposal to Laura! Congratulations you two lovebirds! :)

Today I made Tim some birthday cupcakes since his birthday is tomorrow. Happy Birthday Timmy! I met with my advisor this week and began the initial phase of my master's project. He wants me to have a rough draft of my proposal by the end of September so that I can do my presentation by mid-October! Yikes! I guess I better get to work, eh? If all goes as planned, I should be defending my thesis by mid-February. As Tim says, 'whatever gets us closer to being out of the 'Cuse'!

That's all for now. Mom, if you're reading this I promise next week I will post some pics of the new kitchen! Oh, and here's a cutie pic of Tim and I from the wedding.



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