Birthday Weekend

Friday, Tim and I went with Mandy and T to see "King Arthur" at the dollar theatre. We all thought it was pretty good. I noticed that it didn't stay in the big theatre too long so I was worried that it would suck. Tim and I both love the medieval or time period movies.

Saturday was my birthday and Tim decided to make me dinner. He went out early and bought the ingredients. It was a crappy, rainy day out so he didn't get the Saturn washed as he usually does on Saturdays (so he can get his free donut!). Later that afternoon we went to the movies to see "Collateral". We both thought that was pretty good as well. We came home and Tim prepared this lovely feast! He had made the coleslaw earlier in the day. The meal was fantastic and it was adapted from a few Weight Watchers cookbooks I have. Tim also bought us a little ice cream cake from Carvel made with fat free ice cream and it was delish! I had been wanting one of these for a year! I can't remember the last time I had an ice cream cake for my birthday. I've typed the recipes for our meal in case anyone is interested. If you try it, let us know how it went!

Sunday we got up late and went biking for awhile. It was a gorgeous day out! We later met my friends Mandy and Angie and a new girl in our program, Kim, for a drink at the Sheraton. It was fun and it was great to see Angie again as we haven't seen her since June!

Tim has been sick for the past week and lucky me is sick now too. I didn't want to be sick this week since I have to cram in some last minute daycare hours and really get crankin' on my proposal. School starts next Monday and I'm not looking forward to it.


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