Out With the Old, In With the New!

Hi Everybody!

Yesterday we said goodbye to Alanna's Honda she's had for the last 7 years. We did some car shopping this past weekend, and went to pick up our new Saturn Vue! Isn't it beautiful? We are so excited! Can you see it here on our faces? Actually, I think both of us were trying to hold those smiles pretty long. The Saturn team made a big production out of the pick-up. While we were being introduced to the service manager, everybody else was gathering in the showroom to welcome us with applause. They even had a "Thank you" chant they did for us, then all came to shake our hands. I'll say this: they are very friendly and helpful there.

Here's a nice pic of our new baby. And here's an interior shot for you. It's nice and roomy.

Our new Saturn has a power sunroof, CD player, power windows/locks, remote entry, and is a 5-speed stick shift. It's got alloy wheels, fold down seats (including front passenger), and air conditioning.
We also opted for the maintenance program, where we get all of our oil changes, tire rotations, general maintenance and stuff done for FREE, for the life of the vehicle, at any Saturn dealer. We also get free carwashes and vacuums, although I think all Saturns get that.

Alanna and I are very happy with our new ride. It's fun, sleek, and sporty! I'd recommend dealing with Saturn. They're no pressure, are very helpful and informative, and pretty laid back. We definitely had a good experience with them.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the pics. Goodbye!



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